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What Type of E-Bike Best Suits Your Needs?

What Type of E-Bike Best Suits Your Needs?

The sales of e-bikes have grown significantly over the years as more and more people realize just how affordable they are and all of their capabilities and uses. Not only can an e-bike be a form of transportation, which can cut down on your fuel costs and car expenses, but they are also a great adjunct to your exercise regimen. The type of e-bike you choose, however, should be decided on by looking at your wants and needs.

The Growth and Demand for E-Bikes Has Skyrocketed

Bicycle Retailer and Industry News published an article that broke down just how big the e-bike market has become. They reported that in 2020, brands are finding tremendous growth due to e-bikes being a viable transportation option in a world where gas and vehicle costs continue to rise. The article stated that e-bike sales were up 84% in March, 92% in April, and 137% in May. Some brands have seen increases of over 1,000% in June.

According to the government census, over 872,000 Americans ride a bike to work every day. If you were to use a one-way trip of around 10 miles (20 miles total to work and back) as an example, you’re looking at around 100 miles per week. Honestly, that’s a fairly high number for someone who isn’t in the best physical condition – but that’s not an issue when you consider the convenience and assistance you get from an e-bike. So, what type of e-bike best suits your needs?

The Type of E-Bike Matters

To get the most out of your investment, the type of e-bike truly matters. Below, we are going to look at a few types of e-bikes and scenarios that may apply to your current situation and circumstances to help you with your buying decision.

Urban and Cargo Commuter E-Bikes
What Type of E-Bike Best Suits Your Needs?

Both the Urban and Cargo Commuter e-bikes are a fantastic option for those who plan on riding around town or need a little extra power to get to their final destination. The battery and motor tend to be upgraded and more powerful which allows you the ability to achieve further distances and reach higher speeds during your commute.

Additionally, many of the Urban and Cargo Commuter e-bikes have racks and/or baskets attached to the back and/or front of the bike which allows the user the ability to secure their belonging to the bike rather than the need to carry them on their person.

This is ideal for those who are using this type of e-bike to commute to and from work or plan on using it as a form of transportation around town where they would be taking items with them on their trip.

Folding E-Bike
What Type of E-Bike Best Suits Your Needs?
As the name would imply, this type of e-bike is the ultimate in storability. If you live somewhere that does not have a lot of space for a bike, a folding e-bike is going to be your best option. With the ability to fold up, you can store your bike nice and compact in a corner and even transport it if you wish to do some riding away from your home and want to toss it into your vehicle.


The ability to be mobile with your e-bike and have greater portability makes this a great option for those who are tight on space or have the need to take their e-bike with them.

All-Terrain E-Bike
What Type of E-Bike Best Suits Your Needs?
Looking for the type of e-bike that is a Jack of All Trades? An All-Terrain e-bike can absolutely fit the bill. With all of the benefits associated with an Urban or Commuter e-bike, this bike is also beefy enough to handle trails – providing you with a dual-purpose bike that is up for just about any challenge you throw at it.


If you are in search of a bike that can do it all, it’s hard to beat an all-terrain e-bike. Powerful enough for long rides yet solid and sturdy enough to enjoy some fun with friends tearing up your off-road adventures.

Full Suspension E-Bike
What Type of E-Bike Best Suits Your Needs?
Are you a lover of riding trails and rough terrain? If so, a full suspension e-bike is sure to put a smile on your face. Not only do you have a robust bike that can handle any challenge you put it through, but you also get the benefit of a powerful motor to help you get up the most intimidating hills (or whenever you simply need a break and feel the need to pull some power from the motor).


This type of e-bike is generally a heavier option when compared to some of the other e-bikes simply due to the ruggedness needed for its construction. The frame is built to help handle the tension and torque needed to conquer rough riding environments.

All of Your Needs Under One Roof

At Ultra E-Bikes, we pride ourselves on providing you with the highest quality e-bikes to suit your needs. All aspects of convenience, cost, rideability, and ease of use have been considered and implemented into our bikes. Feel free to check out the type of e-bikes we have to offer and if you have any questions, we are always here to provide answers and to help guide you in making the best decision based on your individual wants and needs.

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