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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer
Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer

FARO Unit 1

The FARO UNIT 1 started out on 2017 in the Snow Sports space. Part of the first cohort of the leAD Sports Accelerator, UNIT 1 was backed by the Adidas Family Office. After building a world-class supply network, they launched their first product on 2019: Soundshield, a ski & snowboard helmet with integrated/detachable headphones, glove-proof controls, and walkie-talkie.

Right after a successful market launch of its first product (selling out inventory before mid-season), UNIT 1 shifts its gaze onto the mobility sector for a new product line. To this new space, they bring technology native to winter sports (with higher durability and protection needs than biking) and a new take on helmet construction altogether. FARO has amassed nearly $1M in pre-sales since its pre-launch in October 2020 and will be launched into the US, EU, and UK markets in October 2021.


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