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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer
7 Tips for Enjoying Your E-Bike in the Snow

7 Tips for Enjoying Your E-Bike in the Snow

If you enjoy the trails, hiking, and being outdoors, several inches of snow could sideline your outdoor adventures. However, there’s good news. Instead of looking out the window sipping your coffee, you could be enjoying your e-bike in the snow.

Below are seven tips to consider when you want to be enjoying your e-bike in the snow and bringing some excitement to the cold, wintery months.


  • Make sure you have an e-bike with fat tires

Fat, grippy tires are going to be your best friend when there’s snow on the ground. That’s not to say you couldn’t take an e-bike with thinner tires out for a spin, but the more surface area you have between you and the ground, the better.

7 Tips for Enjoying Your E-Bike in the Snow

If you’re unsure what we mean by “fat tire” e-bike, check out this page. 


  • Ensure ALL of your connections are properly sealed 

    It should go without saying, but as a quick reminder, wetness and electricity do not mix well. In fact, when combined, it’s disastrous. Before you decide you’re going to be enjoying your e-bike in the snow, make sure ALL of your connections on the e-bike are sealed. If not, seal them. 

    Heat shrink tubing is relatively inexpensive and can save the electronic components on your e-bike from getting wet and damaged 

    Speaking of keeping your investment safe while enjoying your e-bike in the snow, skip roads that are heavily salted. The harsh salt will destroy just about every component on your e-bike, including the battery. Try to find some fresh powder to have some fun in.


    • Dress for function, not fashion

    While being stylish may be high on your priority list, think function over fashion when enjoying your e-bike in the snow. You want to dress warm, protected, and in layers.

    Riding with a backpack also allows you the ability to add or remove layers depending on if you are hot or cold. Waterproof apparel and footwear would be a great idea as your e-bike will be kicking up snow, slush, and water. You may even notice that your feet dive into the fresh snow when riding as well.

    You definitely want to keep your feet dry and warm, or it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. Gore-Tex makes some great cold-weather gear if you were looking for a brand to check out. 

    7 Tips for Enjoying Your E-Bike in the Snow


      • Look in the direction you want the bike to go 

        Whether you are riding a pedal bike, e-bike, or motorcycle, they all have one commonality, and that is, look where you want to go, and your body and bike will follow. It’s actually quite amazing when you think about it. A hard left turn simply flows effortlessly when you look in that direction.  

        This is one of the simplest tips on the list but one of the most important as well. 

        Word to the wise… remember, you’re riding on top of snow. Just like with a vehicle, the snow can cause you to shift off route – be prepared to zig when you wanted to zag. If you find you’re having issues controlling where you are going, slow down. 


        • If you start to slide, put your foot down 

          Don’t be afraid to put your foot down when you’re enjoying your e-bike in the snow. When you feel like you’re losing some control of the bike, your foot can help keep you upright.  

          You may find when going down any sort of hill, slowing down isn’t exactly the easiest task as the rear tire tends to get a little squirrely. By putting your foot down, you can prevent a fall while also helping to save the e-bike from a slide.


          • Don’t leave your e-bike out in the cold after riding 

          Protect your investment! There’s nothing wrong with enjoying your e-bike in the snow but leaving it outside and sopping wet is no good. When you get home, make sure you get all of the snow off, wipe it down, and store it indoors to finish drying completely. 
          Keeping it out in the elements will almost surely destroy all of the components on the e-bike. 

          7 Tips for Enjoying Your E-Bike in the Snow 

          • You may need to take some air out of your tires 

            As mentioned earlier, fatter tires are a good idea when in the snow. That said, you may even want to decrease the tire pressure to provide even more surface area and grip to provide you with more control when riding  

            If you’re enjoying your e-bike in the snow and want to make it a regular occurrence, it may be wise to invest in some dedicated snow tires for the e-bike that are studded.  

            Have questions about what e-bike you should be shopping for? Is enjoying your e-bike in the snow on your list of activities to partake in with your investment? We can help! Contact us with any questions you may have. 

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