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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer
Electric Bike Versatility: Did You Know They Had So Many Uses?

Electric Bike Versatility: Did You Know They Had So Many Uses?

To be honest, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with a standard pedal bicycle.  It will take you from point A to point B assuming you have the strength and energy to pedal the distance.  But when you want to take things to the next level and add an element of convenience, it’s hard to consider going back to a standard bicycle once you hop on an electric bike.

But why would you want or even need an electric bike?  That’s a common question that is often asked.  Truthfully, you don’t NEED one, but it certainly makes your life and transportation much easier in addition to the added health benefits from getting in some exercise.

Let’s dive into some of the reasons why you may want to make the switch and purchase your first electric bike.  You may find that versatility is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

  1. Health Benefits with Some Added Assistance

Regardless of if you are an avid exerciser or someone who just started (or is thinking about starting), an electric bike can help you take your workouts to whole new heights.  With an electric bike, you have the ability to use it as a pedal bike and then when needed, switch over and use the stored power to help get up hills, go across tough terrain, or simply give yourself a slight breather without stopping.

It’s recommended that everyone engage in 150 minutes of exercise each week.  Utilizing an electric bike is a great way to achieve such a goal and reap all of the health benefits associated with getting and staying active.

  1.   An Electric Bike is a Great Commuter Without the Gas Prices

Face it, the days where gasoline was $1 per gallon are gone.  Prices continue to creep up and then factor in the amount of time spent sitting in traffic and you have yourself a recipe for a pounding headache. 

If your commute to work is short, pick up an electric bike and simplify your trip to and from work.  Skip the traffic lights, bypass the stop, and go if you live and commute through a busy city.  And possibly best of all, eliminate the frustration of sitting in rush hour traffic that’s bumper to bumper and isn’t moving at all (*face-palm*).

You’ll also enjoy the cost-savings by not needing to constantly be filling up your gas tank.  Charging your bike will only cost you a few cents and it does not take long at all to fully charge an electric bike.

Electric Bike Versatility: Did You Know They Had So Many


  1.   Hit the Trails with Friends

One common use of bikes is to hit the trails and not only enjoy your surroundings, but also help destress and have some fun.  Grab some of your buddies and hit your local trails or cruise through nature while also touching on the health and fitness aspects mentioned earlier.

The nice thing about utilizing an electric bike for trail rides is the ability to catch your breath and recovery by simply switching over and engaging the motor to do some of the work (especially when up against some pretty treacherous hills and terrain).  Be the envy of all your friends when you're at the top of the hill and you look down to see your buddies pushing their bikes up the hill out of sheer exhaustion trying to catch up to you.


  1.   Your Camping Companion

If you go camping, there are times you need to move around the campground and don’t necessarily want to spend the time walking.  That’s where an electric bike can simplify things.  Hop on your electric bike and off you go. 

Or better yet, if there are some attractions outside the walls of the campground that you want to visit (or even go sightseeing in general), your electric bike will be more than enough to get you there and back without having to jump in the car, find parking, potentially pay for parking, and then the gas and mileage on top of it.

Hauling an electric bike is as simple as strapping it down inside your trailer (if you have the room) or tying it down and hauling it on the back of your rig.  While an electric bike is heavier than a standard bicycle, it’s not anywhere close to the weight you’d carry around with something like a scooter or moped (and not as expensive either).

Electric Bike Versatility: Did You Know They Had So Many
  1.   The Uses Are Ultimately Endless!

Get creative and have fun with your electric bike.  Use it for a quick grocery run or jump on it to head over to a friend’s house to watch the game. The uses are truly endless. 

Will the investment into an electric bike be worth it?  Assuming you plan on implementing some of the uses mentioned in this article and even some of your own, you’ll more than make your money back by purchasing an electric bike.

Figure out what your wants and needs are and don’t be afraid to ask for help on choosing the right electric bike for you.  If we can be of service, don’t hesitate to contact us.  At Ultra E-Bikes, we’d love to introduce you to the world of electric bikes and show you how much fun and enjoyment you can get out of owning one.

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