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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer
Do You Live That RV or Van Life?

Do You Live That RV or Van Life?

There's a sense of freedom that many feel when they travel in an RV for most of the year or live that van life that so many digital nomads love. Wouldn't it be awesome to travel the world, on your terms, when you want, with whoever you want, and simply enjoy life without feeling like you're being held down and handcuffed from experiencing enjoyment and fun?  The ability to work from wherever or pack up and go for a long weekend is quite thrilling and adventurous. That's what van life is all about.  But what many are missing in their life is an e-bike.


Sure, those who travel in an RV or van may have a bike strapped to the back of their vehicle, but a pedal bike is extremely limited – and to be honest, not as much fun as an e-bike.  Why do we feel that way? Let's dive into how an e-bike can make your life easier, more convenient, and with less sweat coming from your brow.


  • City Parking


Depending on the size of your RV or van, you may find it incredibly difficult to maneuver your way through a city you want to visit or even find parking to accommodate your rig. That's not a problem with an e-bike.  Simply park on the outskirts of the city, hop on your e-bike, and off you go.  An e-bike is no larger than an ordinary pedal bike but allows you to exert less energy getting around the city – providing you with a much nicer experience.


Getting around town on an e-bike is much easier and more comfortable.  E-bikes allow you to see and experience more of what the city has to offer than trying to walk around on foot or drive and park in different areas, so you don't miss anything.


Not only will you save on the cost of parking, but also the headache of circling the city streets trying to find an area large enough to fit your RV or van. That's one of the only downsides to living that van life.  Not only that, but you need to make sure the area you are traveling is safe, and you don't have to worry about someone breaking into your RV or van and stealing all of your stuff.


  • Festivals


Each week brings a new adventure for many living that van life and, hopefully, a new festival to experience.  One concern is how you move around the festival.  While many people at festivals are riding around on mopeds, it's not exactly convenient trying to strap or haul a moped on your rig and have with you wherever you go due to its size and bulk. That's where an e-bike truly shines.  Simply take it off of your rack, and you're ready to experience everything the festival has to offer.  You can travel around the grounds quickly and easily, so you never miss any of the attractions or things going on.


Do You Live That RV or Van Life?

When you're done for the day, take it back to your RV or van, and depending on how much of the battery you used, go ahead and top it off and get ready for tomorrow's fun.  Whether it's a music festival, a large gathering of like-minded individuals, or specific niche festivals, an e-bike will be worth its weight in gold.


  • Adventures in Nature


If you're a digital nomad or someone who simply loves to RV or experience van life at its fullest, it's all about the adventures.  National parks, fun cities, sightseeing, trail rides, and climbing peaks to oversee the beautiful world below.  Life is an adventure that is meant to be experienced.  Van life is about getting out into the world and not sitting at home on the couch, watching Netflix. 


You get to experience nature and create your own adventures.  Through the use of an e-bike, you can get around much easier, with less effort, and allow you to put your energy towards making memories that last a lifetime. Don't cut your adventure short because you're out of shape or out of breath.  An e-bike can provide you with hours of fun without the need to charge it.


What E-Bike Best Suits Your RV or Van Life Needs?


Choosing the right e-bike for your needs is incredibly important.  With so many to choose from, it can become overwhelming.  We created an e-bike guide to help breakdown the many e-bikes you can choose from to suit your specific van life wants and needs. 


Do You Live That RV or Van Life?


But if you have questions, you can always contact us for assistance.  At Ultra E-Bikes, we want to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase and choose the right e-bike to suit their needs.  With many satisfied customers who also live the van life, we have specific versions of e-bikes we'd love to recommend and show you.  Reach out today and let us help you prepare for your next adventure!

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