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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer

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Seagull ebike

I'm not to happy. I got my bike and I assembled it and I saw one of the Handel grips was torn and the part on the back of the chain was broken.

Great bike

My husband and I just got our bikes and we really like them. They are very solid well built bikes. They are heavier than we thought they would be. We look forward to many miles of riding

Lumos Ultra
Christine Brennan

Excellent. People love the turn signals! Looking into other options as my bike is my primary mode of transportation. Thank you!

QK 1 up double rack

Rack is wonderful, but as important, customer service is awesome! I was informed every step of the way once I placed my order.

My only wish is that they had the add on rack since now I have a need for that.

Hollywood Racks Small Wheel Adapter for Universal Wheel Holders
Rick Alonzo
Take up the slack

When I purchased a new bike for my wife with 20 wheels the wheel hoops were too big to hold the wheel high enough to prevent it from hitting the derailleur. My first solution was to use a section of a pool noodle in the front and rear to take up the space to raise the wheel. It worked but looked pretty tacky. I purchased a small wheel adapter and it worked like a charm. Its not nearly as colorful as the lime green pool noodle and duct tape.

Purchased for wife, minimal assembly was easy and so far she loves it, hard to keep up with here now when we ride!!!

Cool ebike

This bike is the best investment I ever made. It's fast, awesome looking and reliable. I love my ebike

The scooter was very nicely built and really nice to ride around the city and park.

Great safety upgrade with some improvement needed

I have been using the radar in blink light mode with a Wahoo Roam. The radar is great - I have yet to get a false negative (i.e. a car passing without it identifying it). I appreciate the extra reminder to look behind - particularly when the wind is in your ears or it is an electric car (which are so hard to hear!).
Improvement area - it seems to drop out occasionally (maybe 2-3 times for longer rides) then reconnect which requires dismissing the error on my Wahoo. This may be a Wahoo issue related issue but I can't lock down the reason for the drop outs (possibly bluetooth as my phone drops out at same time often). Otherwise, an excellent unit and HIGHLY recommended. After all - what other safety prevention devices can you get for cars?

This thing is fantastic!

I was looking for something to make road cycling safer and this thing fit the bill. I was a little skeptical about how well it would work but it completely exceeded all my expectations. It warns you of cars approaching from the rear well before I can see them in my mirror. It even picks them up when just part of the car is barely visible on turns in the road. With the audible alert in my Aftershox Aeroplex headphones (another must have when road cycling) I can now completely concentrate on what's in front of me instead of constantly checking my mirror. At this point I feel naked without it! I would go for the 515 instead of the 300 series - the light on the 515 is very bright and the battery life is much longer.

Perfect E-bike!

This is everything and more. Use this bike for chores around the farm, checking fields, and hunting. It’s fast, quiet, and fun!

best bike EVER

im very happy with my new TOY
THE. APEX,. make my hunt very easy,, now i can carry the deer corn on it

This bike is awesome built

This bike is awesome built very stout has plenty of power battery last a long time

Great bike it was easy

Great bike it was easyGreat bike it was easy to assemble. It rides great and goes anywhere


I received the warrior 1000 recently and was very impressed with the build quality, it is a heavy duty bike, faster and more powerful than I expected and all components are top notch. Battery life has exceeded expectations so far. It is not small and anyone under 6 feet should get the smaller frame bike. Great bike will make getting to the stand mRead more about review stating Qualityuch easier and faster, highly recommend.

Hollywood Racks Small Wheel Adapter for Universal Wheel Holders
John Larson

Work as expected - prevents the derailleur from hitting on the rack

Built like a tank

It took a while for me to get to riding this bike because I came down with COVID the day before it arrived. I finally assembled it and now have about 50 miles on it. I love this bike it is built like a tank and with the weight and big tire it feels very stable under you. I also like the charger it is not a cheap plastic Chinese special . It is well built has a fan and shuts down when charging is complete. The only negative I have found is the battery snaps up into the frame instead of down into the frame. The battery is so heavy it makes worry if the clips will hold it in place. I put a couple of straps around it to be safe. Other than that it's a fantastic bike.

Quality and Customer Service

Fantastic customer service and the quality of materials and workmanship is excellent.. assembles easily and holds E-bikes very securely.

I was hesitant for years

I was hesitant for yearsI was hesitant for years investing in an ebike for Hunting. I was so wrong! I absolutely love my Warrior ebike. I highly recommend Quietkat.

Sharp looking bike

Very pleased with bike and customer service is excellent. I reached out to them with two questions and they promptly responded. Took a couple hours to put bike together and my husband has only taken it for short rides as we have been experiencing a heat wave but he assures me he loves it and looks forward to taking on longer rides when weather is better. Keep in mind it’s a large bike so be sure you have a space out of the weather you can store it in n. It’s a great bike for tall people. Thrilled to have it and at a very reasonable price.

Amazing bikes!

I'm 73 and have had 4 hips replacement surgery didn't think I would ride a bike again. I ordered a Cruiser bike and got it a week ago only took about 1 hour to puts together. It is the first Ebike I've ever been on it is so much fun to ride. It is real easy to get on with it being a step through.power is smooth I have put 45 miles on it the first week 5 miles a day sext going to 10 miles a day love it thanks for making a great bike

We had the Himiway bikes with the 4” tires and they were awesome. saw these came out and these were just what we needed. we use these bikes for camping and they are way lighter it seems, and a bit easier to store. if you just like cruising around and have good power these are great bikes. we dont ride really fast, but they sure do seem like they go fast. upgrading the seat is a must. but overall these are super nice bikes glad they came out with a light version.

I love it, I turn

Took it for an 18 mile ride on a beautiful 70 degree day on a local bike path the day after it came in the mail. Went up the inclines great with throttle and even on pas 1 with no throttle. Money well spent.

Love it!

I purchased my Escape to ride on my trails and it works perfect for riding them. The bike handles and rides great and I am very happy with my purchase. The comfy seat is very comfortable and works great on the trails…

Just love my Escape Pro!

I already have the original Himiway bike but this bike is so much easier to load into my SUV. I had to add pinstripes and my dog to make it my own. I actually get 45 miles to a charge but that is using pedal assist 1 and 2 with only a few hills on the trip. I enjoy getting some exercise when I ride so I rarely use the throttle. I did add the suspension seat post and a different seat. Great ride!

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