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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer
Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer

Lumos Warranty

For the official warranty, please check out our Terms and Conditions here. It is under section 6. Limited Warranty.

Summary points:

  • Our limited warranty covers products purchased directly from Lumos or from a Lumos Authorized Reseller.
    • If you've purchased it from or from Lumos Helmet on Amazon, you are covered by us. See how to best expedite your case with the instructions below.
    • If you purchased from a retailer, you should obtain your warranty services through them directly.
  • It is valid only for the original purchaser of a product, and cannot be transferred to another person upon the sale, lease, or transfer of the product. 
  • Any replacement or product can only be provided within the country of purchase.
  • The standard warranty period starts from date of purchase and requires proof of purchase for those without registration.
    • If registration is done within 30 days of purchase, standard warranty period will be provided from the date of registration. Registration card comes in the original packaging of the product with a QR code to bring you to the registration link. You can also click here to reach the registration page.

If you wish to activate your warranty, we'll be happy to help. Just send us an email to with:

  1. A quick summary of what isn't working.
  2. Your order number (e.g. US#1234) or a copy of your Amazon receipt. 
  3. Photo or video proof of the issue.
  4. Serial number (S/N) of your helmet. You can find this on a white sticker in your helmet.
  5. Your shipping address and phone number. Used for courier purposes only.

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