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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer

Eunorau New Trike Electric Tricycle

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Speed: 18 MPH

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Color: Blue
Battery Capacity: 48V
Motor: 500W

Eunorau Trike - The Ultimate Three-Wheeled Electric Bike for Stability and Comfort

Discover the perfect blend of stability, comfort, and practicality with the Eunorau Trike. This unique three-wheeled electric bike is designed for those who seek added balance and ease of use. Featuring a low step-thru design and a padded saddle, the Eunorau Trike ensures a smooth and comfortable ride. Powered by a robust 500W motor, it's perfect for urban commutes, making your car-free travel enjoyable and efficient. The spacious rear carriage adds practicality, allowing you to carry groceries or personal belongings effortlessly.


  • 500W Front-Mounted Motor: Provides continuous power and torque, making hill climbs and acceleration easy.
  • 12.5Ah High Capacity Battery: Offers up to 40 miles of range with pedal assist for extended rides.
  • Integrated Headlight: Powered by the main battery pack for enhanced safety during night rides.
  • Integrated Brake Taillight: Activates when brakes are applied, ensuring visibility and safety.
  • Dual Rear Brake Rotors: Ensures safe braking at high speeds and triggers automatic motor cutoff.
  • Twist Grip Throttle: Allows for on-demand power without the need to pedal.
  • Adjustable Folding Stem: Customize the handlebar height easily for a comfortable ride.
  • Large Rear Basket: A secure alloy basket with a wooden base is perfect for carrying personal items.
  • Folding Frame: Conveniently folds for easy storage and transport.

Why You Should Buy

The Eunorau Trike is the ideal solution for urban commuting and leisurely rides. Its three-wheeled design offers unparalleled stability and balance, making it perfect for riders of all ages and abilities. The powerful 500W motor ensures smooth and effortless rides, even on hilly terrain. With its spacious rear basket, you can easily carry groceries, bags, or other belongings, enhancing your convenience. The integrated lights and dual brake rotors provide safety, while the adjustable and folding features add to its practicality. Experience the future of urban mobility with the Eunorau Trike, and enjoy a fun, comfortable, and efficient way to navigate your town.

Lifestyle Integration

Imagine effortlessly riding through city streets, parks, and urban trails on the Eunorau Trike. Its stable and comfortable design makes it perfect for daily commutes, shopping trips, or leisurely rides around town. The large rear basket lets you easily transport your groceries, picnic supplies, or work essentials. The Eunorau Trike combines power, comfort, and practicality, ensuring you ride with confidence and style.


Ride with peace of mind, knowing that the Eunorau Trike is backed by a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on electrical components, motors, and batteries.


  • MOTOR: 48V/500W High Torque Motor
  • FRAME: 6061 Aluminum Alloy
  • BATTERY RANGE: ~35 Miles
  • BATTERY TYPE: Lithium-Ion
  • WEIGHT: 80.5 lbs.
  • THROTTLE: Thumb Throttle
  • DISPLAY: LCD panel
  • SENSOR: Cadence sensor
  • HEADLIGHT: Front LED Headlight
  • TAILLIGHT: Rear LED Light
  • RIMS: 20-inch Black Alloy
  • SPOKES: Stainless Steel
speedometer icon
18 MPH
electricity icon
500W Front Hub Motor
battery-status icon
48V 12.5Ah (600Wh)
route icon
30+ Mile Range

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