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Free U.S. Shipping On All E-Bikes | Authorized Dealer

Mulberry Protection

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$34.99 - $734.99
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Title: 24 Month Protection Plan #739889

At Mulberry, we prioritize people in transforming the product protection experience for both shoppers and retailers. Our focus is on providing end-to-end satisfaction for consumers, starting from the shopping experience to handling their claims. We aim to replace the usual stress of product issues with peace of mind through our affordable protection plans. Mulberry offers free and cost-effective protection plans directly to consumers via the Mulberry browser extension. Additionally, we collaborate with retailers to embed protection offers within their customer experience. Retailers have the flexibility to easily integrate Mulberry using our pre-built or custom integrations, which can help drive revenue and enhance customer engagement. Visit our website to learn more about how Mulberry can benefit you and your customers.

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